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Custom applications take your business to the next level. Count on the skilled developers at QCM Media to deliver innovative Ecommerce apps, plug ins and add ons that extend platform functionality, serve users & streamline business processes. Application development is where our team excels, specializing in resolving challenges and bringing ideas to life. Your business is unique and requires unique solutions to provide the best experience for users and administrators.


The first step is for us to learn about your business to understand challenges and objectives. We'll talk with you about your website and workflows to identify goals and define requirements.  Ecommerce apps, plug ins and add ons can be created to enhance platform functionality, user experience and website management.


After going over objectives to identify goals and define requirements, we'll proceed with a discussion of approach, cost and timeline. Three examples of the questions we will discuss to define Scope are below. At this stage we will determine the best solution and features according to budget in order to define Scope.

  • What's the purpose of the custom application?
  • What features are required?
  • What does the ideal timeline look like?


Josh, our Software Engineer/Team Leader will lead meetings with you to finalize Scope to confirm working together before proceeding to apply our specific skills to create and deliver your custom application.

Throughout the development process, our developers stay readily available for progress updates and testing questions. 

With trends and technologies constantly changing and your business growing, engaging with our skilled team ensures your business stays current to serve the changing needs of users. Because we work on websites every day, we are well versed in concepts and tactics to improve your website and help your business stay up to date as technologies and best practices evolve.

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Custom Application Reviews

Great Work and On Time! We provided QCM with business requirements for the features we were looking for and they worked with us to refine the requirements to ensure they understood our needs. They then built what we needed in a timely manner, all while providing great updates along the way and with reasonable pricing. They also were very responsive to our inquiries or follow up questions and provided us with documentation on their work. We have used them several times for our work now given their level of partnership.

Rene, BePear

Great work all-round. Makes the complicated seem easy with simple and demystifies things. Super-easy to work with


Reliable and robust solutions are the product of thorough testing and reduce the cost of maintenance.

Josh O. - Software Engineer/Team Leader

Custom Applications

Exacting solutions to streamline processes and serve users create opportunity to surpass competition. QCM Media specializes in developing innovative applications to enhance platform functionality, user engagement and website management to evolve your business.

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